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Markus Bauer, Executive Director Contact Markus Bauer

Anton Braun, Executive Director  Contact Anton Braun

Prof. Dr. Kurosch Thuro, Shareholder  Contact Prof. Dr. Kurosch Thuro

Dr. Florian Rauh, Executive Director  Contact Dr. Florian Rauh

Anna Meyer, Registered Manager  Contact Anna Meyer

Dr. Peter Neumann, Registered Manager  Contact Dr. Peter Neuman

Stefan Eidelsburger  Contact Stefan Eidelsburger

Gesine Karches  Contact Gesine Karches

Robert Goriss  Contact Robert Goriss

Zoraida Fernández Furió Contact Zoraida Fernandez Furio

Dr. Judith Festl Contact Dr. Judith Festl

René Schneider Contact René Schneider

Tanja Sattler Contact Tanja Sattler

Klaus Keilig Contact Klaus Keilig

Florian Lachermaier Contact Tanja Sattler

Christoph Wichert Contact Christoph Wichert

Anne Loibl Email-Loibl

Stefan Strelow Email_Strelow

Sabine Dietz Email_Dietz

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