Old mining

According to the recommendations of the working committee „Old mining“ by the DGGT, old mining is defined as follows:

  • all mined excavations
  • old boreholes in connection with mining activities
  • open-cut mining, heaps, disposals and abandoned open pits, no longer in use for mining purposes

Other subsoil excavations, not originating from or used by mining activities, are also part of this special field, such as:

  • rock cellars
  • shelter tunnels
  • tunnels

Old mining may have an influence on the following aspects:

  • stability (of excavations, of slopes)
  • hydrogeology, hydraulics and water management
  • environment (subjects of protection: water and soil)

Insofar, there is a potential conflict between old mining and existing or planned projects of housing development and infrastructure or environment.

These are the main services we offer for projects dealing with old mining:

  • geological, hydrogeological, underground surveying and geotechnical investigation
  • vulnerability analysis
  • measurement instrumentation and monitoring
  • risk assessment
  • design of protection measures
  • acceptance and routine control of protective measures


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