News May 2020

Electrical-Resistivity-Tomography (ERT)

With our new Terrameter LS2 we are able, to offer a geophysical measurement method, which allows extensive exploration and visualization of subsurface structures.

Using the ERT it is possible, to generate a 2-D or 3-D ground model, using injection of electrical current into the subsurface. In addition to exploring the general geological conditions, this high-resolution measurement method enables us to localize slide planes, to quantify landslide masses and to detect groundwater and cavities.

Please ask for capabilities and services.

Presence hours in our office

Dear Business Partners,

The circumstances that the corona pandemic is currently causing us, have prompted us to take special care for our clients, partners and employees.

We currently mainly work from our home office. The employees can be reached via their normal landline numbers, mobile numbers and of course also by email. Agreed appointments of course remain on our side.

Unannounced visits at our office rooms cannot be received at this time.

We hope for your understanding!

Markus Bauer