News June 2017

5. Alb Run and a monument to Anna Meyer

The 5th Alb Run took place on June 20th in Hohenstadt. It is a joint event by Arge Tunnel Albaufstieg (ATA) and the community of Hohenstadt and is sponsored by us.

It was initiated amongst others by our colleague Anna Meyer.

In honour to the initiators a monument was revealed at the starting area near the Schafhaus.

Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology and Geotechnical Engineering

Since 1998 our company Baugeologisches Büro Bauer has been actively offering services within the scope of engineering geology, hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering. At the beginning of 2005 the company was transformed into a private limited company in which shares are held by SSF Engineers, Prof. Dr. habil. Kurosch Thuro (full professor of engineering geology at the TU Munich) and the company's founder and managing director Markus Bauer.

We consider ourselves experts at the interface between earth science and engineering, deliberately concentrating on the natural science perspective in researching solutions for issues arising from various projects. We are convinced that this is the only way to achieve an authoritative modeling of subsoil and underground, to provide durable parameters for planning and calculation, and to realistically assess and minimize potential residual risks.

Our working relationship with SSF Engineers facilitates interdisciplinary cooperation and creates additional synergies during the optimization of planning issues. Our personal contact with the Technical University of Munich (TU München) ensures that we are in line with the state of the art and the latest developments in scientific research.

Furthermore, it supports our own research and enables special methods of investigation in the soil and rock laboratory. Additionally, the outstanding expertise of Prof. Dr. Thuro is guaranteed. Our expert competencies are documented through the successful completion of numerous projects around the world. Meeting the demands of standard equirements has usually not been sufficient – we have often had to clarify special issues and meet advanced challenges.

These achievements are made possible by a well established team of employees, who are willing to bring their extensive skills and personal strengths to bear in solving projects to the satisfaction of our clients and partners.

We hope, we were able to give You an impression of our range of services and we are looking forward to a possible cooperation with Your company. Please contact us!